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Shingle Installation - How It Is Done

Ready to tackle your roof?

Installing shingles on a simple two-sided sloped house is simple and can easily be done by the homeowners. But when the home is composed of several slopes, with valleys the work should be entrusted to professions.

If you decide to install your roof make sure the sheathing, underlay and eaves protection sheets are in good condition. Flashing, vents and drip edge should also be replaced.

For roofs with two slopes, add the surface area of the two slopes plus 10% to cover the crest of the roof. This 10% also allows for losses. The percentage is higher in the case of a roof with several slopes and valleys.

The sequence of the install is.

Drip Edge on the perimeter of the roof

Eaves protection sheet and underlayment

Valley and Chimney flashing and gable drip edge installed

Shingles and Vents

Ridge Capping

Maintenance of Your Roof

To hep increase the lifespan of your roof

Inspect your roof every two to three years.

Inspect your attic, checking the insulation and wood for any signs of water leakage or condensation caused by too much humidity.

Check for broken or missing shingles due to wind or ice damage.

Check joints and seams for cracks, applying a sealant for waterproofing.

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